Mark Bryan

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Şakaysa çok komik gerçekse hiç komik değil.

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On Dokuz.

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Hamarat olduğumu söyleyiverin. (Dilçıkaransurat)

pizza falan da yapabiliyor.

Textile art by Mr. Finch

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Gel de otur yerinde şimdi.

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Cat’s reaction to earthquake

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Photojournalist Anja Niedringhaus Killed in Afghanistan

Associated Press photographer Anja Niedringhaus was killed today (apr 4 2014), shot to death by an Afghan policeman while covering the upcoming national election. She covered conflicts from Bosnia to Afghanistan for more than 20 years, earning a Pulitzer Prize in 2005, as part of a team of AP photographers covering the Iraq War. Last November I was very happy to be able to feature her amazing work in a photo essay titled “Afghanistan: Seen Through the Lens of Anja Niedringhaus.” What I wrote then remains true: Documenting a decades-long story like the Afghanistan War is a challenge for any photojournalist, from simple logistical issues, to serious safety concerns, to the difficulty of keeping the narrative fresh and compelling. Niedringhaus did a remarkable job, telling people’s stories with a strong, consistent voice, an amazing eye for light and composition, and a level of compassion that clearly shows through her images. A remarkable voice has been lost today

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Frida Kahlo & Salvador Dali.

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